I noticed on 11 March, 2003, that the day following Bush’s deadline for compliance by Iraq, or war, this year, (17th March, 2003, - Full Moon night) is the day before the 18th March, Feast of Purim for 2003.

Dictionary: Purim pu’rim, n. the feast of lots held about 1st of March, in which the Jews commemorated their deliverance from the plot of Haman, as related in Esther. [Heb., pl. of pur, lot.]

From: Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary – Compiled by Rev. Thomas Davidson,

Revised by J. Liddell Geddie. W. R. Chambers, Ltd. Edinburgh & London, 1901, 1948

His General is "Army General Tommy Franks, commander of the U.S. forces confronting Iraq" – cover on Time Magazine (Can. Edn.) March 17, 2003 has that caption under large b&w photo of Frank’s face.

From a WWII booklet "Jewish Calendar for Soldiers and Sailors – 5704 = 1943-1944, published by National Jewish Welfare Board, 220 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. – Member Agency of the U.S.O. – photos of the open booklet at pp. 16-17 & 18-19:

p. 15.: Under the heading "Revolutionary War", the following is written: "The first decisive step leading to the Revolutionary War was the signing of the Non-Importation Resolution of 1765. Nine Philadelphia Jews were among the signers, namely: Benjamin and Samson Levy, Hyman Levy, Jr., Joseph Jacobs, David Franks, Bernard and Michael Gratz, Mathias Bush and Moses Mordecai. From this act of cooperation and participation with their fellow Americans in their national problems, the Jews have continued to render valiant service to their country, even at the expense of their lives and fortunes. … ."

p. 16: "…following partial list of Jews who participated in the Revolutionary War: Lieutenant-Colonel David S. Franks, Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Franks (aide-de-camp George Washington), Major George Bush, Major Louis Bush, Major Solomon Bush, …" (+14 names) "…and countless others."

(Continuing with the next paragraph:) "Haym Salomon, by origin a Polish Jew, furnished this Government at the time of its great need with the considerable sum of $300,000. A large proportion of the funds necessary to finance the continental side of the war was raised by this Jew, whose official title at the time was ‘Broker to the Office of Finance’ of the United States. That is, he was the broker through whom Robert Morris, the Superintendent of Finance, sold the securities of the weak infant Government. In 1850 a congressional committee, reporting on the activities of Haym Salomon, said, ‘The committee from the evidence before them, are induced to consider Haym Salomon as one of the truest and most efficient friends of the country at a very critical period of its history.’"

p. 17 A paragraph tells of Jews (by name) serving in high posts on both the Union and the Confederate sides in the Civil War.

Research to check and verify the above booklet, of which these pages came via an e-mail attachment, found confirming mentions in these resources:

PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE From Bible times to our own day throughout the world – by Nathan Ausubel, Crown Publishers, Inc. New York – 7th Printing, Nov, 1957 – Lib. of Congress Cat. Card No 52-10777: - p. 273:

"Colonel Isaac Franks, Colonel David Salisbury Franks …" (Continental Army) "There were also several officers in the militia, including Lieut.-Colonel Solomon Bush and Major Lewis Bush of the Pennsylvania Militia."

THE ENCYCLOPAEDIA JUDAICA Vol. 4: pp. 1534-1535:

"Bush (Busch) Isador (1822-1898) …"

"Bush, Solomon (1753-1795) U.S. patriot and Revolutionary war soldier. Bush was born in Philadelphia, Pa., the son of a merchant, Mathias Bush. He was seriously wounded during a skirmish against the British in September 1777, and taken prisoner. Freed, Bush was made a lieutenant colonel in the Continental army (1779), the highest rank held by a Jewish officer in the Revolutionary army. In 1782 Bush contributed toward a new building for the Mikveh Israel Congregation in Philadelphia. A prominent Mason, Bush also joined the Quaker Abolitionist Society. At his own request he was buried in the Friends Burial Ground in Philadelphia."

Ibid – Vol. 11: pp. 1550-1552:

"During the American War of Independence (1775-83), a considerable number of Jews volunteered for the colonialist armies and several acquired considerable distinction, among them Isaac Franks, David Salisbury Franks, Lewis Bush, and Solomon Bush."

Ibid – Vol. 16: pp. 359-360:

Under "Washington, George": - "So far as can be ascertained, Washington’s Jewish associations were exclusively official, and despite claims in earlier Jewish sources, no Jew ever served him as aide-de-camp.

Three members of the Franks family had dealings with him. In 1785, when Washington took command of Braddock’s defeated forces in western Pennsylvania, he applied to David Franks (1720-1794) of Philadelphia for supplies. Franks served as agent for a British syndicate quartermastering British colonial forces and was banished behind the British line for his loyalist sympathies in 1778. The Jew whom Washington came to know best was David Solebury Franks (c. 1742-1793), who joined the patriot forces in Montreal in 1776. By June 1778 he was aide-de-camp to General Benedict Arnold, commandant at Philadelphia. Two years later Franks was on Arnold’s staff when the latter turned traitor, but he was later exonerated from all charges... ." "Solomon Bush (1753-1795) served under Washington as a captain of a Pennsylvania battalion in the Battle of Long Island. He rose to lieutenant-colonel, the highest rank achieved by a Jew on active duty."